About Me


Growing up with his father in the logging industry, Mike always had a respect for the hard work that was done to maintain one of our few renewable resources.  After helping his father for many years, Mike finally decided that this was the career for him.  In 2003 Mike started his logging business with just a few pieces of equipment that required hard work to keep up and running.  He worked very hard and learned many things on the road to becoming a successful business owner in the small town of Ely, MN.   To this day Mike is still working hard to maintain and grow his business. He has went from a young man with a few pieces of equipment, to a successful small business owner that takes the time to be involved in the community and the well being of the logging industry.   Mike takes time out of his busy work schedule to be part of many organizations like the ACLT (Association of Contract Loggers and Truckers) and the American Logger Council.   Working with the DNR, Forest Service, and both St. Louis and Lake County Mike is able to help with our local forest management.

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