Firewood Delivery

Species Available: Birch, Maple, Tamarack

Our Firewood

We deliver 8 ft. / 100 inch firewood logs right to your home.  We have different species to meet your heating needs. Please call our office 218-365-3037 for a list of what is currently available. 


Our goal here at Mike Nielsen Logging is to provide you with quality service.  We do our best to accommodate you with the quick delivery of our product, calling ahead can assure you that your wood will be delivered before you need it. 


We work with AEOA (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Assistance) to make sure that you are never left in the cold. To get in contact with them please call 218-749-2912, or follow the link to their website  If all your information with them is processed, please call our office at 218-365-3037 to place your order.

Firewood Facts

Seasoning Wood - Fresh cut wood has a heating value of around 70% of what seasoned wood does, therefor there is a great advantage to properly drying(seasoning) your wood.  Wood is considered seasoned when the moisture content is 20%.  The diameter makes a big difference when it comes to seasoning your wood.  To properly season your firewood you will need to cut your wood into lengths of 12 inchs or less then split it once, if your pieces are over 12 inches you will need to quarter your wood.  Subsequently the larger the diameter of your wood the more you will have to split it get it to dry. Wood cut in the fall/winter should be well seasoned and ready for burning the next winter if done properly.   It is even recommended to season your wood if you are using it for an outdoor furnace/boiler due to creosote and lack of heat. 


Storing Wood - To protect your firewood it is best to keep it in a dry place that gets proper ventilation and preferably, some sun.  If your wood is seasoned you can cover your pile with plastic but be aware that a plastic cover will slow down the seasoning process. It is also a good idea to keep your wood on treated two-by-fours so that it is not in direct contact with the soil.


Call or email us to order your firewood today!